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About Bella



Hi I’m Bella and I’m the buzz behind Bee’s. Bee’s bakery has been a dream since I was a little girl, playing behind the counter at my family's cookie shop, or sleeping in booths until close at my family's italian restaurant. My parents and grandparents are masterminds in the kitchen; I got a lot of my creativity from them. At the time I thought I hated it, but now here I am—owning my own bakery at 24. No matter where I was in life, I always came back to baking and being in the kitchen. Bee’s bakery has come a long way from just baking for friends and family, to now booking out weeks in advance. I am a one man band, but behind it all is my support system. My family and friends are always there, supporting me every step of the way. 



After graduating high school I decided to go to college to learn the business side of owning a bakery, but my heart was never in it. I always knew I wanted to open a bakery, so I took that leap, left college and immediately enrolled in culinary school. That was by far the best decision I have ever made. Culinary school left me with endless opportunities. I tell my customers now that if you can think it I can just about bake it. I keep thinking the countless hours and endless nights will catch up to me and make me not want to do it anymore, but everyday I still wake up and get to baking. Even on my very rare and far between “off” days I still find myself baking something. Over the last few years of running Bee’s I have learnt that I love trying new things, seeing trends come and go, and meeting so many wonderful people along the way.

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